Expert Stenographer for New York

When it comes to court proceedings and legal meetings, you need to ensure that every word is properly taken down. Small details and phrases can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case, and having a skilled court reporting service can ensure a level of professionalism. Contact All County Captions in New York for court reporting services that you can count on. Our reporters are fast, thorough, and never miss a word when they are on assignments. For dedicated service and skilled court reporters, contact our team today.

How Can Legal Reporting Services Help You? Although the courts may provide an American Sign Language interpreter, if you are deaf and hard of hearing, hiring your own communication access real-time translation (CART) captioner will ensure the accuracy of the translation during legal proceedings.

Lisa Zenker started All County Captions with the goal of providing all clients with superior CART services that they can count on. Lisa can ensure that during your court proceedings every nuance and phrase will be properly captured so that you can stay informed throughout your court case. We utilize certified CART providers and we understand that without proper information, you can’t fight your case effectively. Additionally, if you are a lawyer and provide legal services to individuals who are deaf, it is important to provide your clients with proper accommodations and help so that they can enter the courtroom with confidence. Lisa Zenker is here to help with her 20 plus years of experience, and flexible scheduling so that she can help provide your clients with a service they are entitled to. We make working with All County Captions easy for our client teams. We maintain contact with our clients to facilitate schedule changes, and cancellations.

A Reliable Court Stenographer

Keeping track of every interaction in the courtroom is paramount to both recordkeeping and justice. If you need an experienced and highly trained stenographer for your court reporting needs in New York, turn to Lisa Zenker from All County Captions. With over two decades of expertise, you can rest assured that your records will be concise, comprehensive, and accurate.

Stenography is a highly specialized but effective method of court reporting. Those with enough experience in this field can report an entire court hearing by hand with unbelievable accuracy. With the help of Lisa Zenker and the team at All County Captions, you can increase the accuracy of your court reports and records.

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 How Can All County Captions Help?

Our top priority is your complete satisfaction, and we’re excited to help provide you or your clients with the legal reporting services you need. Lisa Zenker is ready and able to provide you with a quality customer service experience every time you contact her for CART services. To learn more, give us a call at 516-380-9233 or