Remote Captioning Services in New York

Remote Captioning Services in New York

Do you have a live event that needs captioning for the deaf or hard of hearing? Are you deaf or hard of hearing and need help in a doctor’s office or classroom? All County Captions provides easy and affordable remote captioning services throughout New York. Call us today to get set up and improve the communication in your life or business.

Real-Time Captions

Our team provides highly accurate captions in real-time during live events. With real-time captioning, your meetings and events will be accessible to everybody who can read English. This service is beneficial to more than just the deaf or hard of hearing. The communication and comprehension of your audience will improve thanks to remote live captioning.

In addition, Deaf individuals can use live captions to improve their daily communications, particularly in spaces where bringing a live translator is impractical or expensive. If you need help understanding a doctor or a teacher, our team will be by your side to ease the communication.

Practical Equipment

Our mission is to make communication easy and accessible to anyone, anywhere. Currently, our system functions anywhere with an internet connection and a microphone. You’ll be able to take our service with you wherever you go. If you thought that it would be too difficult to provide captioning at your location or event, we are here to make it easy.

Expert Stenographers

Since 2014, All County Captions has provided accessible communication in New York. During this time, we have worked for entities such as Ivy League universities, public school systems, government offices, and even the United Nations. Our team members are highly trained, so you can depend on them to provide accurate captions in any situation.

We provide live captioning at anything from large corporate events to one-on-one meetings. If you need our captioning services, call us at 516-380-9233.