Class Speech-to-Text Translation in New York

Class Speech-to-Text Translation in New York

With classroom speech-to-text translation, accessibility in the classroom has never been easier. These audio accessibility services are called communication access real-time translation and are collectively referred to as CART.

Classroom CART services fall under the services mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing. CART also helps make the classroom accessible to second language learners or people who may struggle to follow a lecture that only consists of a teacher speaking. Learn more about how All County Captions can help individuals in the classroom.

You’ll Have Quality Services in the Classroom

When you work with All County Captions in the classroom, we will attend your in-person event or listen in via a web conferencing app. Our CART reporter will look over your course materials to prepare for our class sessions, which helps them to understand any specialized vocabulary that might come up.

We offer our services for every level of education, ranging from elementary school to post-secondary education.

All Students Will Have Equal Information Access

Classroom CART services help students to have the same information access as their peers. Our CART captioning is efficient and basically instantaneous.

CART can also help students to ask questions faster, participate more, improve their comprehension of classroom lessons, and take more precise notes. At All County Captions, we know how important classroom accessibility is, and we work our hardest to give students the information they need.

All County Captions Will Advocate for You

At All County Captions, we have the experience to ensure the best captioning services possible. With twenty years of captioning under our belts, we provide the highest quality CART services to each of our clients. We prioritize accuracy, reliability, and speed to give each student the best classroom experience possible. Our CART operators are on your side in your educational journey — every step of the way.

Get started with classroom CART services today. Call us at 516-380-9233 to learn how our CART services can work for you.